Personalized Luxury Transportation For All of Your Needs

Alliance Luxury Transportation provides VIP transportation service.

If you’re looking for transportation with a personalized touch, then our “As-Directed VIP Service” is for you.

Basically, you get access to your own personal chauffeur and vehicle (or team of chauffeurs / fleet of vehicles) that take you wherever you direct them to (hence the term “as-directed”).

This service is great for people who need flexible, reliable, and high-quality transportation with a personalized touch. Sometimes travelers don’t have a set itinerary, so our As-Directed VIP Service provides them with on-call transportation for as many hours, days, or weeks as they need.

Some examples of people who use this service are:

  • Executives who have meetings and events scheduled in different nearby cities.

  • Families and groups who don’t have rigid itineraries and want to see the sights around town, go shopping, dining, etc.

  • VIP clients who are traveling away from their hometown and want the safety, security and convenience of having their own personal chauffeur to take them anywhere they need to go.

The possibilities are endless.

To get a quote on our As-Directed VIP services, please click the button below, and make sure to select “As-Directed” from the drop-down menu labeled “Select Service Type”.

If you want to learn more about our As-Directed VIP Services, or have questions and want to and speak to an Alliance Luxury Transportation team member, give us a call at 877-268-5568.